Emily Boller grew up on the same farm that was homesteaded by her pioneering relatives in the mid 1800s near Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her parents encouraged the mural painting endeavors of a young, budding artist; and a painting professor at Purdue University imparted a fiery passion for the pursuit of artistic excellence.

After graduating from college and a brief cowboy adventure out West, she and her husband Kurt settled back in the Midwest to raise a family. In the midst of the busyness of mothering, Emily turned to food to unwind from stress and cope with life’s trials. This unhealthy pattern spiraled into eventually gaining 100 pounds. 

At age 41, she started suffering from chest pains.  A heart catheterization revealed that she had coronary artery disease. Then, at age 47, pre-diabetes and hypertension were added to her medical chart. Her blood pressure had risen to 154/97, so she decided to radically change her life before it was too late.

In 2008, Emily created an online art exhibit --using food as an artistic medium--and titled it Transformation. She followed the nutrition recommendations in the book, Eat to Live, written by physician and nutrition expert Joel Fuhrman, M.D. Throughout the course of one year, she lost the excess weight and restored her health--and documented the progress online. Then she became a blog writer and inspirational speaker for several years . . . until a son's tragic death in 2012. She eventually hit a wall and couldn't write or speak publicly for awhile. (To read more, click here.)

Today, she is an alum of the Nutritiarian Education Institute where she completed the certificate programs in Basic Nutrition and The Science of the Nutritarian Diet. She combines practical, no nonsense tips with easy to understand science in order to help others escape the addictive grip of the Standard American Diet. She has also raised five children in the Midwest, so she understands the challenges of switching to a healthy lifestyle in the midst a culture bent on eating disease-promoting and addictive food. In addition, as the result of her son's death, she's experienced firsthand the impact of trauma and grief on addiction recovery and relapse.

Emily continues to pursue artistic excellence--although she no longer paints wall murals. She works primarily in the mediums of oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings . . . and crafting words.


                                                            Arise and Shine                                                         Watercolor on paper                                                    Copyright by Emily Boller

                                                          Arise and Shine

                                                      Watercolor on paper

                                                  Copyright by Emily Boller




Artist Statement


I’m an expressionist painter. Paint and its particular characteristics are more important to me than what they may represent.

I do sometimes use recognizable motifs such as flowers or landscapes that have sentimental value to me as points of departure, but painting a mirrored likeness does not interest me.

Instead, I produce works of art through the careful placement of colors, shapes, lines, patterns, brushstrokes, and even the puddles of pigments that form when the various liquids dry.

When these elements flow together to make visible an image that has never been seen before, I become fully alive and touch for a fleeting moment the glory of the majestic beyond this life.


                                                           Cosmic Colors                                                        Watercolor on paper                                                   Copyright by Emily Boller

                                                         Cosmic Colors

                                                     Watercolor on paper

                                                 Copyright by Emily Boller






Bachelor of Arts with Distinction; Fine Arts

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana


Certificate completion of Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Rich (NDPR) Nutrition:

Basics of Nutrition and The Science of the Nutritarian Diet

Nutritarian Education Institute






Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society; Purdue University

New York art critic, April Kingsley Art Award; figure drawing

Outstanding Educator Award; The National Scholastics Art and Writing Awards


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