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Chubby in childhood, anorexic in her teens, and then obese until age 47, Emily Boller was desperate to find freedom from her struggles with food. In 2008, when she began documenting her 100-pound weight loss journey as an online art exhibit, she never expected to become an inspirational voice for food addiction recovery for millions of people.

Today, she combines her personal journey, hard-won wisdom, and practical tips with nutritional science to inspire and help others break free from inner blocks that sabotage their health and well-being. After losing a child to suicide, she also knows the impact of trauma and grief on addiction recovery—and how to recover from relapse as well. For anyone desiring long term freedom from food addiction, she can show the way!

Emily earned a Bachelor of Arts from Purdue University and certificates in Basic Nutrition and The Science of the Nutritarian Diet from the Nutritarian Education Institute. She and her husband, Kurt, have been married for 37 years, and together they have raised five children. 

Emily Boller also speaks and writes on the topic of suicide loss and hope for mental illness.

In memory of Daniel Maurice Boller, 1991-2012

In memory of Daniel Maurice Boller, 1991-2012

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