Daughter Inspires Mom!

It’s always fun to watch the rippling effect of reclaiming one’s health within families and/or circle of friends. Jackie is a dear friend of mine. We’ve known each other for more than twenty years, and I’ve always considered her to be healthy and fit. However, she had been struggling with a sugar addiction that controlled her.

For her entire life, she continually searched for a way to alleviate the addiction. She kept her weight down by working out but felt very unhealthy due to all of the sugar she was consuming. (Little did I know that she had been watching my own journey out of food addiction which inspired her to check out “Eat to Live.”) Today, Jackie is free from the addiction and is now an inspiration to her mom and many others in her circle of influence.

Can you believe that Jackie will be celebrating her 50th birthday soon?!

Can you believe that Jackie will be celebrating her 50th birthday soon?!

Several years ago, when Jackie decided to follow Dr. Fuhrman’s advice in Eat to Live in order to kick her sugar addiction—she also lost more than ten pounds in the process. Now, she has more energy than she did in her thirties!

Then on March 31, 2017, a surgeon told her mom Rosie some bad news from the results of tests. The surgeon told her that she needed to have her gall bladder removed and also repair a hernia—that it was a life or death situation—but she needed to lose fifty pounds first. Jackie immediately knew how to help her mom.

The next day, Rosie started following Eat to Live, and she would text Jackie her meals daily. Even though Jackie lived many miles away, the daily accountability helped Rosie stick to the plan.

Within six months, Rosie had lost enough weight to successfully have the surgery.

Now, eighteen months later, Rosie has shed almost ninety pounds! She is off all medications; including the diabetes medication that she had been taking for years.

Rosie before. . .and currently.

Rosie before. . .and currently.

Rosie continues to lose weight each week—even though her doctor has restricted all exercise this entire time—and she’s still texting her meal plan to Jackie every day.

I asked Jackie and Rosie what their number one success tips would be:

  • For Jackie it is making sure she eats beans every day at lunch. That has been a game changer for her.

  • For Rosie it is drinking a kale smoothie every morning for breakfast. (Her husband even requests kale smoothies for breakfast now!)

Congratulations to this mother/daughter team for reclaiming their health; keep up the great work!