I Can No Longer Be Silent

The most unfortunate part about being trapped in a body that was increasing in size and disease at age 38, was my youngest child was only six-months-old—and I had four other children who also needed a mother!

age 38

age 38

By age 38, I had developed prediabetes. I also had cognitive impairment (aka “brain fog”) from continual spikes in glucose, chronic knee and low back pain. . .and then coronary artery disease at age 41.

age 38

age 38

Yet, even in my desperation, I couldn’t find the solution or the support that I needed in order to get free.

And even worse, people made fun of me the year I lost 100 pounds and got my health back at age 48. Someone even tried to stuff a chocolate éclair into my mouth that year!

age 50

age 50

To this day, incredulous people still ridicule. Disheartened folks share their stories with me.

Food addiction is real. It is the toxins that build up in our bodies from lack of nutrients in our diet (low-nutrient food, sugars, artificial chemicals, etc.); causing cravings just as addictive as drug addiction.

As a result, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the U.S.

Dietary ignorance is now the leading cause of the death in the modern world.

Diseases of the Standard American Diet are literally killing us!

It’s life or death for many people.

Even if you choose not to participate in eating healthy . . .

  • on behalf of young families who need attentive parents

  • on behalf of students who need clear minds for optimal cognitive function

  • on behalf of anyone who is desiring freedom from this life-destructive addiction

. . .please be supportive of others.

Thank you.