It's Been Eleven Years!

Eleven years ago today, at 8:40 AM, I stepped on my family doctor’s scale to begin the journey to get my health back. It took me nearly a year to shed 100 pounds, but it was the first month of noticeable changes that sold me on embracing the high-nutrient, plant-based eating style for the rest of my life.


By the one-month milestone, my addictive cravings for salt, sweets, processed food, cottage cheese, and peanut butter had significantly dissipated. My debilitating “brain fog” (inability to concentrate and lethargy) had stopped, and I felt energetic for the first time since my late teens.

Then a couple of months later, when my blood pressure had dropped to normal range, and I actually looked forward to exercising, I knew my body was designed to flourish on a nutrient-rich diet.

For many years, I had learned to adapt to the culture’s way of eating: lots of animal protein entrees, deli sandwiches, dairy products, pasta, scalloped potatoes, salads with shredded cheese and conventional dressings, pizza, chips, cereal, toast, granola bars, and milk. I learned to like diet soda, diet Jell-O, diet pudding, and sugar free gum. . .not realizing I was severely depriving myself of nutrients—and starving myself to obesity in the process.

The chronic malnutrition ignited overeating and weight gain.

By age 47, I was sitting on a ticking bomb with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and prediabetes, It was no longer a matter of “if” I’d have a heart attack or stroke, but “when.”

I was desperate to get my health and life back.

So that’s why I started the Transformation Art Exhibit on July 10, 2008.

I’ve left it online all these years, because it’s inspired many people. I invite you to check it out.

If you are struggling with the typical American diet—and feeling terrible as a result—there is long-term freedom for you too!

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